Apple Watch Weight – The Lightest And Heaviest

Apple watch weight have been always a concern for fitness enthusiasts since the series 1 came out. The series 1 apple watch weigh 36 to 40 gram and the series 2 weighs even less, 25 to 29 gram. With series 3, Apple wanted to be on the lighter side and kept it from 23.4 to 28.7 gram. Series 4 weighs almost similar to series 3, between 28.2 and 33.9 gram. Then with series 5 apple took the lighter direction again and made it between 24 to 27 gram. Series 6 weighs even lighter, 21 to 24 grams. And the new apple watch 7 weighs 27 to 30 grams.

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New Apple Watch series is the best fitness tracker smart watch you can buy now. It comes with a range of apps that can easily be used to take control of your health and fitness and achieve your physical activity goal or weight loss journey.

Apple watch has several built-in sensors that help you track down essential parts of your body including calorie intake, blood oxygen saturation (oximeter), heart rate, steps, distance covered and much more.

The apps available in this smart watch can help you in achieving your goals and workout routine. Here we share some of the best activity app for apple watch:

Activity Tracker

It is a great app that allows users to track down your favorite activities like running, cycling and much more. Not only this but it also keeps tracking your steps taken during workouts and corrects your movement. It also tracks down floors climbed, calories burned and active time. With the help of this activity app, one can reach out their fitness goal easily.

Nike+ Running

This is another fantastic workout companion which keeps tracking down workouts automatically in real-time. This app comes with an inbuilt GPS that helps you record distance covered, time taken and pace. Moreover, it also tracks down your heart-rate to help you workout in the right zone. The best part is that you can easily share all these data with friends over social media too.

Strava Running and Cycling

This is one of the most popular cycling apps that allows users to share real-time data over social media. It keeps tracking down your speed, distance covered and time taken for cycling. Moreover, it also tracks down elevation, calories burnt and active ride time. So you can easily track down all the essential parts of your workout routine with this app only.

Daily Yoga

This is a great yoga app for Apple watch that allows you to keep a check on your workout routine. With this app, you can easily follow visual guidance and timer. It has a set of over 60 poses that help users in doing the right pose every day. You will also find it helpful as it tracks down heart rate and calories burnt too during workouts.


Cardiogram is another great app for apple watch that allows users to keep a check on their heart rate. This smart watch comes with an inbuilt sensor that helps you track your heart rate automatically during workouts or any other activity. With the help of this app, one can easily stay healthy and monitor your daily activities.

The above-mentioned apps are the best in the market for apple watch and you must try them. They come with a range of features to help users in their workouts and have become a great fitness companion too. There are several other apps available as well but these five hold a special place among them all. Give them a try and let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

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So, how much apple watch weigh? The lighter apple watch is series 6 smaller version weighing 21 grams and the heaviest is Apple watch SE with steel band weighing 80 grams.

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